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Teacher's Day

Fabi Ormerod

Posted on September 30 2014

Hi everyone,

How you're all doing? Hope great. I always wish I'd live in USA during autumn...I love the colors your leaves gets...all shades of oranges and reds, here the autumn is not so marked and it's a short period. We don't have your holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween (although some people started doing small Halloween parties here but nothing like in USA with kids chasing candies lol).

So what we have here in Brazil around October? We have 2 special dates. One is October 12th, a National Holiday that celebrates the Saint that "protects" Brazilians so to speak. Its a catolic thing, but it's a National Holiday. On this same date we have what we call the "Kids Day". So its like Xmas for kids. They dont have school and there are celebrations with toys, gifts, candies. Its like a day where everyone celebrates the kids in their lifes, and the joy to be a child. Its very nice.
Besides those 2, we also have the Teacher's Day, on Oct 15th.
Its not a National Holiday but its a National Celebration. Kids don't go to school on that day, it's teachers celebration they can rest lol.

Its very usual that kids bring to their teacher a small gift, a card or something for the date. My son has asked me to make a notepad for his teacher, called Solange (he calls her Sô).
When we were going through my stash of stamps he chose this gorgeous Saturated Canary one...
Geekin it' and of course I agreed she was perfect for the job!

I used a simple notepad with a hardcover and cover it with patterned paper (from LDRS too! You can find it here) and added a sanded cardstock on top of it. Afterwards just some washi tape (I love it) and small embellishments. Then I added my stamped & coloured image with foam tape.
The reason I haven't embellished it too much is because I did not wanted to have too many layers as Im going to put a plastic cover on it, so she can carry on her bag, etc without damaging it.

Besides cards and layouts, stamps can be used in all sort of craft projects, to add that cute touch you want in a gift for a special person.
Hope this inspires you to add stamps on your journals, albums and notepads too :)


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