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Details makes the difference...

By Fabi Ormerod
Posted in Inspiration, on March 02, 2014

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing great. Here in Brazil we have a big holiday starting today up to next Wednesday afternoon, it's our Carnival.
In many cities there are several parties but I enjoy to use those days to rest, visit my family and enjoy my friends. Also it's when I usually celebrate my bday (it was on the 25th lol), although almost everyone is travelling.
One of my favorite things on holidays like these is to take sometime to scrap. I made 2 layouts already and Im lookin' forward for more fun :))))

When it comes to scrapbook pages (or any other art project), I really believe that details makes the difference. Some of those details can even become one of our "marks". It's like whenever you see that kind of thing in a project, you think about someone -Do you know what I mean?
One of my marks is clustering. I love to add some bulk and layers to my projects and also put my paper scraps to add little details to my layouts.

Like below, I have used a little piece of paper, folded and put it besides another paper scrap which I punched a circle to add some contrast with the resin flower.

What about those masked flowers...can you guess? It was not actually masks, but flowers punched. I just used them as masks then contourned with a black pen to pretend it was stitched.

And for last, but not least at all, I love to use stamps to add a fun/cutesy element to my pages. Here I have chosen our cute cupid from Lisbeth collection.

And here the finished layout, in a bigger picture so you can check it better :)
Wishing you all a great weekend,

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