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Adding fun to your planner

Fabi Ormerod

Posted on August 14 2017

Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a very creative week. Today I would like to share a small step by step with you, on how I use our dies, stamps, washi tapes and stickers to decorate my planner.

Everyone has their own system to organize their planner. I like to work on a week per week basis. So usually, on Sundays, I organize my week and also take some time to have fun and decorate my planner. Why not, right? ;)

To start I select a few shapes like tabs and other ones to use as basis for my decoration. To check and purchase the dies I have used on this tutorial, please check this links here:

FanTABulous Die Set

Fancy Rectangles and Layers Die Set

Gilded Die - Embossing Collection

Regal Frame Die Set

One tip for your dies to stay in place when you cut, mostly when you use several dies like I did here, is to add them to the base using little pieces of washi tape. That will prevent them from moving around.

Below you can see the shapes I have cutted. The papers I used are all from our collections! The blue you can find here: Splendid Azure - 6x6 Paper Pack, and the pink you can find here: Soft Blush - 6x6 Paper Pack.

To decorate them I have used several stamps, stickers and our washi tape. You can find all of them on these links:

Soft Blush Qick Words Stickers

Splendid Azure Washi Stickers

Daisy Daisy Stamps & Dies

Eleganza - Stamps & Dies

I like to play around with positions before I actually I have an overall idea on how it will look when stamped. Here you can see how I did this time:

After stamping, you can decorate your shapes adding layers, mixing them, adding stickers, etc. 

When you are satisfied with the embellishments you have created, its just a matter of adding them to your planner. 

Here is an example of one of the pages of my planner, now decorated.

You don´t need to use all itens you have created at once. You can also save them for decorating other pages, later. Or also use these little pieces of embellishments to decorate cards, notepads and layouts.

I hope you have enjoyed and I would love to see some of your planners decorated using our products too!

Have a great week,



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