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Floral Watercolor tutorial

Kassi Hulet

Posted on June 19 2018


Hello my fabulously creative friends!  

Kassi here! Lately I've been thinking about how incredibly different one stamp can look, depending on how it is colored.. Sometimes I see a stamp, and I think... that's not really anything I would use... Then I see someone color it differently, or use it in a different way, and I start thinking... I NEED that! LOL!

Today I thought I would play around with that idea a little using the very whimsical and stylized Blooming Bugs stamp set, and coloring it in more realistic and less whimsical way... Don't get me wrong... I LOVE the whimsical doodled style of this stamp set, I just wanted to see what else it could do..

And I thought I'd bring you along on my watercolor journey!



To get us started... here's your LDRS Creative Shopping list:

Blooming Bugs 


Stamping Mask Paper

Alloy Ink

Coffee Bean Ink

Petite Pinafore


First, I stamped my flower, stem, bud, and leaf onto some watercolor paper, using Mask Paper when needed to layer things. I wanted to be on the realistic side, so I wanted to do some no-line look coloring. I chose a light ink (Alloy), then used a second generation stamping... Meaning, I inked up the stamp, stamped it onto my scrap paper (the one on the left), then without reinking, I stamped onto my watercolor paper. This leaves VERY light lines. If the lines are too light for you, you can use the ink at full strength. It will still look great!


I didn't really like any of my paint colors right out of the pans for this flower, so I mixed several colors together until I got the color I was looking for. I then gave each petal a base layer of paint.

Be sure to skip around petals when you do this. If you want to keep your petals defined, you can't paint next to a wet petal. I also allowed some of the petals to be darker, while some were lighter.. This keeps it from looking flat.


After the base layer is dry, you can start building colors in layers... Add in some details with a slightly darker color.. Create depth by adding some shadows to petals that are tucked under other petals.... I added tiny bits of dark bluish-purple  to my main color to help deepen my shadows. 


When the petals are dry, you can repeat the process for your flower center and your greenery... Here you can see my finished flower center, and the base layer of greens.


Finally, add in your green details.

Just keep working in layers, and don't be afraid to add in contrast!

Now you can leave it like this if you want, and it will be a wonderful watercolored image!!! I wanted to take it a step farther by adding in another medium to really make it POP.... For more details on that, be sure to check out my blog.


One thing you don't usually see is a designer's swatch paper... That messy scrap of paper where you test out your colors and color combinations... It doesn't usually look very pretty.. but that's not really the point of the swatch. The swatch gives you reference and a place to try things before committing to them on your project. 

That being said, here's a fun way to USE those swatches AFTER you are done painting... Die cut them! I used this fun border die from the Petite Pinafore set to create borders for my card. Because the paint was the same colors I use in my card, it matched perfectly, and because the border is thin, it doesn't matter that it's messy and haphazard!


The sentiment is from the Safari stamp set. Even if you aren't into animal stamps, this set has some great sentiments!

So there you go... A more realistic take on a very stylized and whimsical stamp. What do you think?  Do you like the doodled whimsy of the original stamped image, or this more realistic take?  I LOVE both! Just depends on my mood! LOL! 

If you give this a try using LDRS Creative products, I LOVE to see it! You can share it in the LDRS Creative FB Group, and tag me so I am sure to see it! :)

If you want to find even more inspiration for this stamp set, and all the other amazing LDRS Creative products, you can find us on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube!

Also, be sure to check out the CLEARANCE section of the store.... there's lots of great stuff there for GREAT prices! 

See you soon!

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