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Flutterby Flight

By Dorinda Kaduchak
Posted in Inspiration, on June 08, 2017

Hello all, Dorinda here today to show you how I've used one of our new

Lock Itz Dies

called Flutterby

These dies are so amazing.

Immediately, I wanted to try and do a tilt and make my Flutterby Fly.

Wanna try it with me?

Let's Go....


First we will cut our cardstock at 12 x 5 1/4



Score at 3 1/2 and 7 3/4


I lay my die with the tilt as shown. A portion of the butterfly will touch the edge.

Depending on how you want to tilt as to what and how much touches.


Now the way I did this was a little irregular but it's the end result right?



Now fold the card base on the score lines. 

Note one edge will be longer.

That's the front.



Now where the edge is on the inside of your card base when folded, 

you will make a little mark.

Flip it around and mark the other end.



You're going to place your die on the cardstock edge as per the package instructions 


you're going to position the end of the die on that marked point.



The die end will not be showing out as far and will look more like this one.


or this one at regular viewing.

Don't be scared. Just washi it down.

I like to flip mine upside down to make sure the edges are aligned.

Then run it through.


Hook your pieces together and off we go.

To finish up my card, I used Splendid Azure Paper pack in light blue for the background.

using the Dark Blue, I cut and trimmed the butterfly, then placed it down.

Then, using Soft Blush Paper Pack, I created my flowers.

Now make a note, the die flowers are not solid.

I cut them dbl and spliced the other side.

Finally, a sentiment from Splendid Azure Quick Words Stickers was placed atop the tag from

Fancy Rectangles & Layers


I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

If you have any questions, always feel free to holler.

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