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Masking your stamps

Kassi Hulet

Posted on October 25 2018

Hello my fabulously creative friends!

I love fall! It's so full of color! My friend and I went for a drive the other day, and I was just amazed at some of the trees that were in the process of changing colors! I wanted to capture some of that colorful magic in my card today by showing you a fun and easy way to create a multi-colored sentiment (without worrying about contaminating your ink pads!)

LDRS Creative Shopping List:

Happy Fall stamps

Happy Fall Sentiments stamps

Fall Full O' Leaves stamps

Olive Branch ink

Iced Tea ink

Alloy ink

Swimming Hole ink

Scalloped Rectangle die

Stamping Mask Paper

Other tools you will need: your favorite stamp positioning tool (you need to be able to accurately stamp in the same place multiple times)

This adorable sentiment is all one stamp... but I wanted it to be more than one color. If you are trying to ink it up using more than one ink pad at the same time, you end up contaminating you pads, or missing spots.. or getting green where you want orange... It can be tricky!

But it doesn't have to be if you let your stamps wear masks!

The first thing you need to do is get your stamp set up on your stamp positioning tool so you know where it is stamping and you know you can stamp in the same spot over and over. 

Now, for some masking! The best tool for masking on a stamp that I have found is cheap clear tape... You know, that stuff you probably have rattling around somewhere in your kitchen or office... used for fixing torn paper, wrapping gifts, or hanging artwork on your fridge... It will stick to the stamp without hurting it or leaving behind a residue, and because you can see through it, you can get it placed perfectly!

My first color it going to be Olive Branch, so I'm sticking tape everywhere on my stamp that I DON'T want any green ink. Don't be afraid to use your scissors to cut the tape to the size and shape you need... It doesn't have to be PERFET, but as close to the basic shapes as you can get. 

Leaving your tape masks in place, ink up your stamp as usual... 

Now, CAREFULLY remove your masks. LDRS Creative inks are great for this technique because the ink won't bead up on the tape like some inks do.. HOWEVER, the non-porous surface fo the ink means that the ink won't dry on the tape.. So when you pull off the tape, you might get ink on your fingers... Just be careful what you touch! (yes, I've gotten ink smudges on projects before because I didn't realize I had just gotten ink on my fingers... LOL!)

Now stamp as usual...

Obviously, if you stop here, you will just end up with half a sentiment... so let's add in our second color!

Clean and dry your stamp, then use your tape to mask for your next color...

Ink the masked stamp...

I'm using Iced Tea because it is a really  pretty orangey brown that is perfect for muted fall colors!

Remove the masks and check your inking... If you accidentally got ink where you don't want it, you can try to carefully wipe it off... just don't get your stamp wet, or you may end up stamping a wet mark...

Now stamp... Because we are using a stamp positioning tool, everything should line up PERFECTLY! 

I chose to keep this simple with only two colors, but you can repeat the process as many times as you want to get as many colors as you want on!

After finishing stamping, I die cut it with the oval label from the Scalloped Rectangle die set and attached it to my card using twine. Simple and fun at the same time!

For the rest of my card, I used Alloy ink and Stamping Mask Paper to create a "no line" scene. My sky was created with a leaf stamp and Swimming Hole ink! (if you want to learn how, check out my blog!)

I hope this inspires you to add more color to your stamping! 

If you give this technique a try using LDRS Creative products, please share it with us in our Facebook Group! I'd love to see how you use it! And if you have any questions, the Facebook Group is a great place to ask them! We try really hard to answer any questions we see posted!

If you are looking for more inspiration, be sure to check us out on YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram! Be sure to follow/subscribe to use on the platforms you like best so you won't miss any of the fun!

And be sure to check back tomorrow for another fun project!

See you soon!


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