Shrinking ants...

Kassi Hulet

Posted on July 27 2018

Hello my fabulously creative friends! 

Normally, I hate ants... but recently they have been taking over my craft room, and I'm kinda loving it! That's thanks to this ADORABLE Ant's Pants stamp set! Ready to shrink some ants down to size??? Let's get started!

LDRS Creative shopping list:

Scalloped Rectangle die

Ant's Pants stamp set

Raven hybrid ink

Kiss Me Red hybrid ink

This sentiment makes me laugh, and inspired the design of my card. I wanted the card to look like a picnic blanket, so I die cut the Scalloped Rectangle from white cardstock, masked off the edges with some low tack tape, then stamped the background stamp in the Ants Pants set with Kiss Me Red ink. It's easy to line the stamp up over and over to create as large of a background as you want!

And this is the ant shaker!! These little guys are ADORABLE shaker fillers! And they aren't hard to make! 

Let's get started!

To make our ants, we are going to be working on some Shrink Film. (remember that stuff?!?).  Because this is a plastic, we have to choose our inks carefully. LDRS Creative Hybrid Inks are GREAT for using on non-porous surfaces!! So we are going to use that to stamp our ants. 

*TIP: the plastic is slick, so it's easy for your inky stamp to slide on the surface, which results in a blurry image... If you are struggling with that, go ahead and use a slightly larger acrylic block, and stick another stamp on it... Only ink up your ant, and leave the other stamp uninked... this will give you more traction so you won't slide!

Now come the ONLY tricky part of this whole process... The ink NEEDS to be heat set so it won't smear... however, too much heat, and you'll start shrinking your plastic before we're ready... SO...

VERY carefully apply a little heat using a heat gun... if your gun is hot (great for embossing, less great for this..) hold the heat farther away... Watch it carefully! When all the ink loses it's slight gloss, it's done. Don't over heat. If you see the plastic start curling or shrinking, pull the heat away and let things cool before continuing to heat set... It's a balancing act, but doable! 

Now we need to cut off the extra plastic... There aren't any dies for this set, so just do a rough cut with some scissors.. no need to stress about all the little legs, just leave a white border around it and call it good.

*TIP: if hand cutting really isn't your cup of tea, you could use the circle die from Sun and Clouds to cut them out.. it will just be a circle shape instead of an ant shape..)

Now we want to shrink these guys down to size! Pull out that heat tool and heat it until fully shrunk. Let cool completely.

*WARNING: The plastic is HOT and will burn your skin. I suggest having having some tweezers or some other tool you can use to hold the ant in place.. don't use your fingers!

Look at this cute little guy! He's solid, and has some thickness to him, which makes him great in a shaker!  I filled my shaker with about 20 ants... it sounds like a lot, but didn't really take much time at all!

And for comparison... The ant on the left is stamped onto paper... the ant on the right is the one we shrunk down. Fun, huh!

I've got a few more tips and tricks for this project on my blog, so be sure to check that out! 

If you try shrinking ants (or any of your LDRS Creative stamps or dies) please share it with us on our Facebook group so we can see what you come up with!

Want more inspiration? You can find us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube! And be sure to check back here each day for your daily dose of LDRS Creative inspiration!

See you soon!


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