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Stamped sand dollars

By Kassi Hulet
Posted in Inspiration, on March 15, 2018

Hello my fabulously creative friends! Kassi here today with a super fun way to turn beach treasures into fabulous home decor! I always get questions about these when I make them, and today I'm going to teach you just how easy they are to make!

First things first... What will you need? 

From the LDRS Creative Store, you'll need: 

Polkadoodles Blooming Bugs stamp set 

Stamp Mask Paper

Raven Ink 

Other supplies you will need:

a sand dollar 

tissue wrap

alcohol markers

collage paste (matte or glossy)

hand drill


glitter (optional)

Step 1: Prep your sand dollar... If you are lucky enough to live near a beach with sand dollars (or you collected some while on vacation) make sure you start by cleaning your sand dollar in fresh water, and letting it dry completely. If you buy one from a store, it's already clean.  

Next you will want to carefully drill a hole in the top (if you want to thread a string through for hanging). I use a hand drill because the sand dollars are fragile... it doesn't take much pressure at all!


Step 2: Stamping!  We are going to be stamping on tissue wrap (you know, that super thin paper you stuff in gift bags to make them look fancy?). I use the cheapest tissue wrap I can find. For this, you'll need an ink that is alcohol ink friendly... LDRS has new inks that are just in and are safe for your alcohol markers! And the NEW Blooming Bugs stamp set is also in!!! YAY! I LOVE these flowers!

Ok... Let's get stamping! This is really straight forward... Just stamp like normal onto the tissue wrap... The only real thing you want to make sure of, is that you have scratch paper UNDER the tissue wrap  to absorb any ink that may soak though. If you don't, the ink that soaks through might smear all over the back of your tissue wrap. (Yes, I learned that the hard way!!)

Step 3: Build your design... Because we are working with a single layer, if you want to add anything (like the stem), masking is your friend. New to the LDRS store is stamp masking paper! Simply stamp your image onto the masking paper, and cut out... it has a low tack adhesive on the back.... Place your mask over your flower, then stamp the stem... when you remove the mask, the stem is behind the petals of the flower! SO SIMPLE!!!! 

TIP: I like to stick my masks onto the back of the plastic sheet the stamps come on so I can reuse them next time I'm using that stamp. 

Step 4: Adding color... Coloring on tissue wrap can be a bit tricky... You will want to use alcohol based markers so the ink won't smear when we add the glue later on. That being said, you won't be able to blend the markers like you normally do.. The tissue wrap is thin, and gets fragile... I lay down my darkest shadows, move to the second darkest color (overlapping slightly to get a softer blend), and continue to my lightest.... I suggest practicing on a scrap piece of your tissue wrap... different brands of tissue may react differently to the ink, and different inks may react differently on the paper... so you'll want to figure out the best way to lay down color for the paper and markers you are working with. Again, be sure to have scratch paper under it! As you can see in my picture, it will bleed through!

Step 5: Cut it out! If you didn't do any masking, and just stamped the flower, you can use the dies that come with this set... However, because I added the stem, I had to hand cut... Just a rough trim to get off most the extra paper.. You'll see that I didn't try to cut out each of the tiny detail lines on the center of the flower..

Step 6: Getting sticky...  Now is the tricky part... Getting your tissue wrap image onto the sand dollar... Start by putting down a layer of collage glue on the entire front of the sand dollar. While wet, CAREFULLY put the stamped flower on where you want it... Then GENTLY add a layer of glue over the top.. Start from the center of the tissue wrap and brush out towards the edges. Be VERY careful with this... when the tissue wrap gets wet, it wants to tear.  Go slow, and don't over work it! I like using a makeup wedge to do this instead of a brush so no bristles accidentally catch the paper. Let this dry completely.

Step 7 (optional): Adding the sparkle... You can stop here if you want. Simply thread a string through, embellish with a ribbon or whatever your heart desires... I like adding sparkle.

To glitter it up, add another layer of collage glue and cover with glitter... Once the glue dries you can brush off any of the extra glitter. Then add your ribbon.

These are SO much fun to make! 

If you make your own with LDRS products, be sure to share your creations in our Facebook group so we all can admire your work! 

Want more LDRS? Be sure to check us out on InstagramPinterest, and YouTube. And, as always, check back here tomorrow for more inspiration!

See you soon!


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