Stamping the rainbow in WHITE

Kassi Hulet

Posted on April 29 2018


Hello my fabulously creative friends!! Kassi here, and today I want to share a really fun technique using the LDRS Creative Snowy White hybrid ink that I stumbled upon by accident, but have had SO much fun playing with that I had to share!



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Snowy White hybrid ink

Raven hybrid ink

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I know what many of you are thinking... "Why do I need ANOTHER white ink pad? I already have several in my stash!" 

Let me tell you why... 

Most white ink pads on the market are pigment based. They are thick and creamy, and stamp boldly on dark colored papers.. Which is great!  However, LDRS Snowy White ink is a HYBRID ink, which gives it some interesting properties... One of which can be very frustrating if you aren't expecting it, but VERY FUN if you are expecting it, and let it work for you instead of against you. 

Because of the chemical make-up of this hybrid ink, it reacts with alcohol ink when it is wet. When it is dry, it's safe to color over with alcohol markers, but it reactivates the alcohol ink when the hybrid ink is wet (similar to stamping water over top of a water based ink)

Depending on your alcohol ink (and the color of your ink apparently) it will leave either a bleached out image, or just a super subtle tone-on-tone image as the alcohol ink tints the white ink. The stamp also picks up some of the alcohol ink color you stamped on.

**** PLEASE note that!! If you stamp on top of alcohol ink, be sure to clean your stamp before touching your ink pad again so you don't contaminate your pad!

Also note: this same principle holds true with all the colors of the Hybrid inks****


Now that we know what makes this ink different, let's talk about how you can use that to create some fun effects...

To start, gather your supplies so they are all on hand so you can work quickly... You'll need:

The project you want to stamp on (to find out how I made the bubbled alcohol ink background I'm using for this project, click HERE)

An alcohol ink background to act as your palette (you can do a marbled look like mine, or stripes, or whatever! (Yupo paper is best for this, but I have gotten it to work with my normal cardstock as well)

The stamp you want to use

LDRS Creative Snowy White Hybrid ink 



Ink up your stamp with Snowy White hybrid ink, and stamp it onto your palette background... The idea here is you WANT to pick up the colored ink... keep that in mind when you choose where to stamp.



Immediately stamp onto your project. Don't clean your stamp, don't re-ink your stamp.. Just stamp.



The result is a  soft chalky version of whatever colors you stamped over on your palette.. How fun is that?!?!  

Now, I know I used fairly subtle color combos here, so it's hard to see the marbled color on the stamps... but check out what happens when you use bolder colors...



Isn't that BEAUTIFUL???  Just think of the fun rainbow effects you could get!! 

And if you make stripes or plaid background instead of a marbled one... You would stamp that pattern!!!

There are SO many possibilities!



To finish up my design, I stamped some stars and my sentiment using LDRS Raven ink

Remember to HEAT SET these inks if you are working on Yupo, or any other non-porous surface!



So... have I convinced you that LDRS Snowy White hybrid ink is a necessity? 

If you try out this technique, I would LOVE to see what you create! Share with us on our Facebook group! (don't think for a second that you aren't good enough to share with us... Everyone in that group is super nice and supportive of each other! So don't be shy!)  Also... If you have any questions, the Facebook group is a great place to ask them! 

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And, of course, check back here each day for more incredible projects from the design team!

Remember to check out my blog for my alcohol in background tutorial!

See you soon!


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