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Basic Background Builders I

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This unique set of 6 dies allows you to use your imagination and create custom quilted background patterns on your projects.  There are 3 stitched pattern dies to choose from:  diamonds, ovals and straight line.  Arrange them in unique ways to create interesting pattern and texture on your projects.  Each also comes with its own shape die designed specially to cut a frame around the patterned shape, allowing you to layer the pattern shapes anywhere you want on your projects.  6 DIE SET

1. Ovals 0.8075” H x  5.993” W Cutting die- 0.9749"H x 5.9921" W

2. Diamonds 0.8965” H x  5.9758” W  Cutting Die = 0.9969"H x 5.9947" W

3. Pierced line 0.1 “ H x 5.9539” W cutting die = 0.4316" H x 5.612" W

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