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Basic Stitched Flags

Basic Stitched Flags

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This amazing nested set of 'teal' flag dies are sized to hold character images, sentiments, and be layered to add dimension and texture to your projects.  Each has perfectly sized stitches around the interior edge to easily give your project that custom look.  There are 6 nested flags in all. 6 DIE SET.  

1.  5.0967"H x 2.6488"W

2.  4.4592”H x 2.25”w 

3. 3.9554” H x 1.9324”W 

4.   3.4517”H x 1.6148 “ W 

5.  2.948” H x 1.2972” 

6.  2.4442” H x  0.9796” W