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Summer Shore Hybrid Ink Mini Pack

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Here's a fun little 4 pack of hybrid ink pads in 1 inch cubes. Mrs. Periwinkle, Pink Tutu, Flesh, and Snowy White conjure the fresh colors of the Summer Shore. Hybrid inks combine the best qualities of dye inks and pigment inks. As a result they can be used on anything, which truly takes the guesswork out of which surface to use. Ink directly! Sponge! Stencil! Watercolor! Hybrid inks don't limit you. They are even safe to use with pencils and alcohol- based markers.

4 Pack of 1 Inch Cubes. Stamp crisp bright images. Does not fade or bleed. Acid free and archival. Dries almost instantly on paper. Felt pads will not dry out quickly. Non-flammable. Non-solvent.

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