Creativation : new hybrid inks!

We're back for our last feature day of the brand new released items at Creativation and not a moment too soon!
We are so excited to bring new BRAND NEW COLORS to the hybrid inks line! 
They were all carefully chosen to either complete actual color families and also create some new tones to use for stenciling, inking, stamping, embossing, and more.
Here's a look at our already-popular colors:
Brand new colors available soon:
And of course, these new colors are also rearranged into new bundles to fill all your needs (and ideal for layering sets!).
Grab them at first glance in a store near you!

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  • Michelle Orsborn

    These are beautiful colors, and so many! I have never tried your inks before, but this certainly makes it tempting! Such a nice variety. I hope you are having a good show at Creativation, I wish I was there. I know I will be going to a show in Novi Michigan when it comes close to home. We always go to that one. I hope you have a booth there. Best of luck! I do have some of your stamps, and love them!

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