Flower Doodles with Easy Stencil Coloring

Good Morning all!  If you haven’t tried a stamp set with coordinating stencils, you’re missing out.  I am not great at coloring with alcohol markers.  Choosing colors, blending, highlighting, shadows, etc, etc, etc.  It’s hard if you’re not an artist.  Ink blending on the other hand is quick and easy!!  The Flower Doodles 4x6 Stamp set has coordinating dies and stencils to make creativity fun, quick and satisfying!
Today I’m going to walk you through how I made this beauty.  These flowers are so darling!  And that sentiment font???!!!  Love it.
First off, I stamped the flowers on an A2 white card base using Raven Ink.  Make sure the ink is completely dry before you start blending with color!  To assist in stamping evenly and cleanly, I use the LDRS STAMPendable stamping tool.  It's a wonderful, staple tool for every craft room!
There are four stencils included in the coordinating Flower Doodles Layering Stencils Pack.  Each stencil is etched with a number and letter so you know the order in which to use them.  It's fabulous and takes the guessing out of the work.
As you can see, they line up PERFECTLY with the stamped images.  I am using two inks for the flowers starting with the lighter ink and finishing with the darker ink with stencil 1b.  I started with Fairie Dust Hybrid Ink.  It is my favorite ink color in the LDRS lineup.  It's a beautiful periwinkle color.  A blend of lavender and pale blue and just gorgeous!  The center of the flowers, done with stencil 1b, is Parisian Purple Hybrid ink.
The center of the flowers was blended using Peachy Keen Hybrid ink.  It's a beautiful compliment to the purple of the flower petals. 
Lastly, I blended the stems and leaves in Prickly Pear Hybrid ink & Key Lime Pie Hybrid ink.  How pretty are these little flowers??!!  I just love them.
Next up, we are going to cut down our card panel and layer it with a coordinating cardstock I chose from my swatches.  Swatching cardstock makes it really easy to grab and compare to choose the perfect complimentary color. My swatches are labeled on the back with the color and manufacturer to quickly find and pull.  I layered with a coordinating periwinkle color and black to add pop.
One other thing to note, your stencils may appear stained after blending with some colors.  Reds are always a bit stubborn to clean.  In this case, the greens left a yellow hue when I cleaned the stencils with a lint free baby wipe.  Using your favorite stamp cleaner on the stencil will clean it right off and it will be good as new!
The last step was stamping and heat embossing the sentiment on the same periwinkle card stock then diecutting.  The sentiments have coordinating dies with accompanying shadow dies, so you can use alone or with the shadow die as I did here in black.  This is an amazing feature of a lot of LDRS coordinating die sets.
I would love to see the cards you create with this charming stamp set.  Have fun creating today!
Crafty hugs,

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  • Sarah Haumschild

    Leeann, I can not appreciate this post more. You see I am not an artist. Coloring, blending etc are not something I do very well. You, my dear made a light bulb go off in this ole head of mine. Stencils do the work for you. I have read a hundred articles and watched umpteen videos but it never clicked. Leeann, My husband said to give you an air hug from him. Thank you so much.

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