fox n boots- step up your masking skills

Hello my fabulously creative friends!  

Today I want to take a look at a masking technique that is a little more advanced than the typical masking... If you take a look at the Arctic Snowfall stamp set, you will see that along with the adorable foxes and owls, there are also a few accessories.. boots, hat, and a scarf. Now these can be used on their own, but they can also be used to dress up the foxes... But getting the boots and the hat on the fox can be a bit tricky, because placement matters, and you have to stamp the hat and boots BEFORE you stamp your fox... 

Here's the good news... There is an easy way to figure out exactly where everything needs to be stamped so everything lines up perfectly!  It really is easy, I promise!

LDRS Creative Shopping list:

Arctic Snowfall paper

Arctic Snowfall stamps

Tree Line stamps

Raven hybrid ink

Stamping Mask Paper


You will also need a stamp positioning tool of some kind that allows you to stamp in the same place over and over.

The first thing we need to do is create masks for the hat, and boots... I didn't end up using the scarf on this project, but it's a good mask to have, so I made it while making the others..  Simply stamp your images onto the matte side of the Stamping Mask Paper, cut them out, and peel off the backing paper. 

Super simple!

The color ink you use for the mask doesn't mater. I used a bright blue so it would be easy to see in photos when the masks are on the project. 

Cut  a piece of scrap cardstock that is the same dimensions that your actual card panel will be. Line it up in a stamp positioning tool and stamp the fox where you want it to be on the final panel. I used pink ink so you would be able to easily see when I'm working on my actual project, and when I'm working on my scrap card.

Keeping your scrap card in the stamp positioning tool, lay the boots and hat stamps where you want them to be on the fox. Pick up the stamps with the positioning tool. (for me, that means closing the lid to pick up the stamps.. use your tool however it is supposed to be used)

Place your project panel into the stamping positioning tool and stamp the hat and boots. 

Cover the hat and boots with your masks.

Place the scrap card back into the positioning tool and line up the fox stamp over top. Pick that stamp up with the positioning tool.

Place your project panel back into the positioning tool and stamp the fox over the masks. 

When you remove the masks, the hat and boots are perfectly placed on the fox, and he is ready to play in the snow!

To create a background, simply keep the masks on the hat and boots, and create another mask for the fox itself. After all the parts of the image are masked, you can stamp trees or other images to create a scene!

When you remove the mask, whatever was masked off will appear in the foreground of the image, while everything else will appear behind the masked image.

Finish the card by mounting it on some patterned paper, and adding a sentiment... By keeping the layout simple, your eye focuses on the scene you created with all the masking and stamping!

I hope this helps!


If you give this technique a try using LDRS Creative products, please share it with us on our Facebook group! We'd love to see it! This is also a great place to ask questions!

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See you soon!

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