Gift Tags for your Valentine

Hello!  LeeAnn here with some fun gift tags for your special Valentine.  LDRS has several gift tag stamp sets and this idea can be adapted for any holiday theme!!  Let’s get started!
How fun are these little tags???  I stamped two sets of tags with the Love Tag Stack 4x6 stamp set.  You get 6 tags in one stamp and the matching Gift Tag Stack Die works for all of the Tag stamp sets.  The best part is you stamp all 6 tags in one stamp and die cut in one pass!  How efficient!!!!
I used two Hybrid Inks for these tags.  The brighter ones are stamped in Lipstick Jungle and the lighter ones are in Soft Kisses.  The stamp set offers mix and match sentiments so you can pick which sentiment you would like with each design.  I could of stamped these in Raven Hybrid Ink for a little more POP!
If you want to keep things simple, you can simply tie some bakers twine or your favorite ribbon on at this point, and call it good.  However, I thought it would be fun to mount them on little paper rosettes!  
To make the rosettes, I cut a piece of the Pastel Patterns 4x9 Slimline Paper into 1" strips.  It takes 2 strips to make one rosette so you'll get two rosettes out of each slimline piece of paper.  Score each 1" strip of paper every 1/2" as shown below.
Once scored, fold the strips back and forth accordion style.  Each strip should be folded opposite of each other as shown.
Add some glue or adhesive strips to each end and overlap by one section to adhere.  You will then have accordion circles.
Now squeeze them down and rotate flat to create the rosette.  This is a little tricky but just keep playing with it.  You cannot harm them as they're sturdy cardstock.  Once in a rosette, hot glue (or craft glue) the center and hold in place until set.
Aren't they cute???  These would be super cute mounted to the front of a card as well!  You could add a little sparkly gem to the middle and make some cute little flowers!  Next add your tag with some glue to the center of the rosette  and embellish with ribbon, gems, or whatever strikes your fancy!
These are such cute little additions to any gift or candy surprise for your favorite valentine!  
Crafty hugs,

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