Happy Fall Masking

Hello my fabulously creative friends!

I love the fall.. the colors.. the smells... the spices.... the sweaters... and of course, the new release from LDRS Creative!!! 

I knew when I first saw this adorable Happy Fall stamp set that I wanted to create a storybook type scene... and I want to take you with me while I create it so you can create your own scenes!


LDRS Creative Shopping List...

Happy Fall stamp set

Wicked Boot die set

Alloy hybrid ink

Coffee Bean hybrid ink

OR you can get the new Cobblestone mini pack to get both ink colors!

Stamping Mask Paper


Let's start by making some masks for our leaves... Stamp several leaves onto the matte side of the Stamping Mask Paper. Because these stamps are so small, it's a great way to use up small scraps of the mask paper so you aren't wasting any!

Cut out your masks. Don't worry about the stems, they don't need to be masked. 

Because these leaves are so tiny, you'll probably need a craft knife or pick to help you separate the mask from the backing paper. 

Now we need a shape for the leaves... You can free hand this if you want, but I knew I wanted a semi-circular swirl of leaves and decided it would be easier to just trace the circle die. Be sure to use a pencil and a really light touch... You'll want to erase the line later.

Start stamping your leaves... any time you want a leaf to fall behind another leaf, cover the first leaf with a mask, then stamp. Keep stamping leaves to build your swirl of leaves.

I didn't want heavy black lines weighing down the image, so I used Alloy ink. This is a great color for lighter lines, and in some cases, no line coloring!

Continue masking and stamping as you work your way around the swirl... You only need a few masks that you can keep moving around. The Stamping Mask Paper is thick enough it can handle a lot of repeated use without bleeding ink!

Now you need to decide where your mouse will be, and mask off any leaves that you need to...

And, stamp the mouse... Isn't he sweet?!?

If you want to add any other images (like a pumpkin), simply mask and stamp!

Here's what mine looks like with all the stamping done... At this point, you want to carefully erase your pencil lines. 

Now you can color! I wanted to use alcohol markers... but if you wanted to use watercolors, or colored pencils, they would work too! All of the LDRS Creative hybrid inks works well with all those mediums... the only thing you would need to change is what paper you are stamping on!

If you are interested in a quick coloring tip that I use when coloring images like this, be sure to head over to my blog.


I finished the card off very simply with my sentiment stamped and layered on some oval dies.  A little foam tape between the two layers give some dimension!

I'm curious... How many of you like masking while stamping? I'd love to see your creations using LDRS Creative products and the masking technique... you can share them in our Facebook group!

If you are searching for more inspiration, be sure to check us out on Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram!   And be sure to check back here tomorrow for a new project! 

See you soon!

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