Heat Embossing Through a Stencil

Helloooo! It's Lynnea and I am sharing a fun heat embossing through a stencil technique using one of my most favorite stencils from LDRS Creative
I'm always looking for different ways to stretch my supplies and get creative with stencils. Heat embossing is almost magical and I love to use heat embossing over a stencil! I used my anti static powder tool and then placed the School of Fish Stencil over my cardstock and taped it in place. Usually I am a big fan of temporary spray adhesive, but because I used my anti static powder tool the spray wouldn't have stuck, so I went with masking tape for this technique. I have a blending brush that is specifically designated for embossing ink - you definitely need a separate brush for this technique. I blended LDRS Creative Watermark Emboss Ink over the School of Fish Stencil and heat embossed with White Embossing Powder
You'll notice that I don't have "clean" lines - that's because the Watermark Embossing Ink is a thick ink and seeped under the stencil a bit. I recommend using a pouncing method of blending rather than a circular motion. Now let's add some color! I blended Plum Crazy, Tropical Sea, and Key Lime Pie Hybrid Inks onto the background and then used a towel to buff the excess ink off of the embossed stenciling. I love how the colors look just like the ocean! 
I finished off the card with a couple of sentiment strips from the Anytime Sentiment Stack and a scattering of silver gems. I hope you try heat embossing through your LDRS Creative stencils

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  • Denise H Bilquin

    Your card is wonderful. Thank you for sharing this technique. I always love learning new ways to use the tools and materials I already own also. this is a technique I will definitely use.

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