Ombre Press + Plate Backgrounds

Hi crafty friends, Kirstynn here with a fun new way to use your Press + Foil Plates. Today I'm sharing three cards I made using one Press + Foil Plate to create totally differently backgrounds. 


Braided Waves Press + Foil Plate

Dark Wash Jeans Hybrid Ink

Key Lime Pie Hybrid Ink

Dan-D-Lion Hybrid Ink 

Swimming Hole Hybrid Ink

Lantern Yellow Hybrid Ink

Olive Branch Hybrid Ink

To create these fun backgrounds I cut 3 A2 size card front panels in white cardstock. Two of those I ink blended with the lighter colors. I used Key lime pie, Lantern Yellow, and Swimming Hole. 

I didn't stress too much about it being a perfectly smooth blend. I just wanted to get some color on the paper. The first background I did, I wanted to do an Ombre on the Press+ plate. To start this I used some darker shades of the same colors. So I used Dark Wash Jeans, Dan-D-lion, and Olive Branch. 

I used the darker blue at the top of my Press+ plate and then took a cloth and dabbed the edge of where the ink was so that there was not any harsh lines. 

You can see at the bottom of that blue area where I gently dabbed it with a cloth to get more of a blurred line of ink. Then I made sure the blue part of my inked background was lined up with the blue inked part of my Press+ plate and ran it through my die cut machine. 

Next, I did the same thing with the green. I used Olive Branch ink and inked the middle of the Press+ Plate and used a rag to soften both the top and bottom edge of the green. You want to be careful not to move the plate when inking it up. 

I repeated these steps for the bottom yellow part of the plate using the Dan-D-Lion ink. This makes a darker Ombre pattern over the Ombre background we created at the beginning. 

The second background, I repeated the same exact steps but on white cardstock. You can see how beautiful it turned out below. 

The last background uses the second ink blended background and I used plain black ink on the Press+ Plate. Below you can see all three of these backgrounds. 

I love how all of these turned out. If you changed up the colors on these it would give a completely new look! 

Now, we just need to make these into cards. I did trim these down to different sized because I really like the look of the layers when placed onto a card. Next, I stamped some sentiments in black and blue ink and placed them on the card with some sentiments. 

I hope this helped you find a new way to use your Press + Foil Plates. Happy crafting! 


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