Paper Pieced Cards

Hi! It's Lynnea and I am HOOKED on patterned papers lately! I just can't get enough! I used one of my favorite paper packs from LDRS Creative to make an easy paper pieced design! 
I made a quick video for you detailing exactly how I made my patterned paper cuts and pieced the squares together. I am terrible at describing things, but I am going to do my absolute best! Grab your favorite LDRS patterned papers and a sentiment die and let's get started! 
I picked the Country Lane 6x6 Patterned Paper Pack for these cards. I love the colors and the patterns and honesty I was just drawn to this particular pack! I picked out 8 different patterns making sure to vary the patterns and colors and trimmed out 2 x 2 inch squares. I turned the squares 45 degrees so that it looked like a diamond and cut from one corner to the other creating two large triangles. Then I lined up each of those triangles and cut them exactly in half so that I created 4 small triangles out of one square. Rinse and repeat 8 times until all of the squares are in triangle form! 
I cut eight 2 x 2 inch squares from scrap paper and arranged four triangles onto each one creating multi patterned squares! I made sure that I didn't have the same color twice on each square and then foam mounted the squares onto a 4.75 x 4.75 inch square card base. I made enough that I could get two cards out of this paper piecing technique! 
I cut out the Miss You Word Die from black cardstock and foam mounted the sentiment onto the center of the card. I used a liquid glitter to cover the letters for a bit of shine and to make them stand out a bit. I hope you've enjoyed this fast technique! You can recreate these cards with any patterned paper under the moon! 

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