Pinwheels and all!

Hello everyone! Stephanie here with you at LDRS Creative for a fun and easy project featuring the fabulous double-sided Pattern Play paper collection we have in store!
I remember when I was young, crafting these fun things with my friends or with my mom. All you need is...
- A square sheet of double-sided cardstock
- A brad
- A straw of any kind (paper ones are awesome!)
First step to create pinwheels is to fold all sides of the square cardstock corner to corner, then unfold them. 
Next, with a pencil and a ruler, draw a mark at 1/3 of the measurements from the center onto each folded line. Then, with a pair of sharp scissors or your paper trimmer, cut along the folded lines until that pencil mark. Last step is to bring all four corners to the center of the cardstock, secure each one with a brad and place through the center onto the top of a straw. And that is it!
The fun part is that with all the choice of papers in store, there is literally no limits to your creativity!
The patterns are SO interesting! A favourite of mine is definitely the pinwheels made with the Sweet Sensations collection
But the Candy Counter collection would be wonderful for festive summer-y decorations. But the Homemade Happiness collection... oh wow! Well, they're all fabulous, what can I say? ;-)
I hope you will give this fun and easy project a try, too!

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