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Do you have any "ugly" ribbon lying around? You know, that ribbon that is a lovely shade "I would never use that, but I can't throw it away either".

Well, put that ribbon to good use.. make a slider!  Ribbon sliders are fun because the object moves in the opposite direction from the pull tab, and they aren't hard to make! Did you know the Swivel Slider Tab Master die set includes ribbon slider dies? Let me show you how it's done!

LDRS Creative Shopping List:

Daisy Delights 6x6 paper

Sweet Sensations 6x6 paper

Raven hybrid ink

Snowy White hybrid ink

Americana stamp

Swivel Slider Tab Master die

Start by creating both a background and a foreground piece... I made a neighborhood for the background and a hill for the foreground. I used paper from Daisy Delights for the green.  You will also want a 4 /14 x 5 1/2" main panel for the background. (I used blue paper from Sweet Sensations)

Adhere whatever you are using for your background to the main panel.

Use a some low tack tape to adhere the two small oval dies in the Swivel Slider Tab Master die set parallel to one another in the background (make sure they are placed in an area that will sit behind your foreground piece). I like to use a ruler to make sure that my slot dies will be even. Run that through your die-cut machine.

Thread some smooth ribbon through the slots to create a loop, and attach the ends in the back. I like to use small staples for this, but you can use any adhesive that will hold your ribbon ends together firmly. You want your loop to be fairly tight, but slide freely when tugged. The color of your ribbon isn't important since we will be hiding it... just make sure it moves smoothly.

Now to create our moving object... Stamp, color, and cut out the truck from Americana.

When we put our truck on our ribbon, we see it will be covered by the hill, so we need an extender. Cut this wedge shaped extender out using the die in the Swivel Slider Tab Master set.

Now we need to create a pull tab. To do this, I die cut an oval from patterned paper, and heat embossed a sentiment in white. I then attached this to a heavy weight cardstock strip to give me the length I needed.

On the back of your slider panel, slide your staples (or glued ends) over as far to the right as they can go, and  put a little bit of strong adhesive  just on the staples (or glued ends).  

Adhere your pull tab to that little bit of adhesive. Your pull tab should be in as far as you want it to go, and the tab should be resting over the ribbon.

Flip your panel over. While the ribbon is still in that same position, add a small amount of adhesive to the far right side of the front ribbon, and adhere your extender.

Add foam tape to the bottom and sides of your grass... make sure you aren't putting tape anywhere that would inhibit the sliding movement. 

Adhere to the slider panel, covering your ribbon.

Put a small piece of foam tape at the top of the extender and attach your truck. 

Test the movement. 

One the back of your slider panel, create a channel for the tab so it moves in a straight line using foam tape. Cover the rest of the back in foam tape as well. 

Adhere to a card base, and decorate!

For a ghosted velvet look, I colored this strip of paper using alcohol marker, then stamped the stars with Snowy White ink... The white ink activates the colored ink underneath this soft look!

It may seem like a lot of steps, but it's easy! 

Now it's your turn! If you give this technique a try using LDRS Creative products, we'd love to see! Share with us in the FaceBook group! (the group is also a great place to ask questions!!)

If you are looking for more inspiration, be sure to check us out on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest!

And check back here tomorrow for another incredible project! 

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