Sentiment Dies for Modern Layout

Hello there, Sam here. Playing with the new LDRS Creative Spring Release. The Breezy Blossoms Impress-ion Press and Foil Plates is a really beautiful floral bouquet that seems perfect for watercoloring. However I wanted to do something a little extra to the watercolored bouquet for a modern layout. Decided to play around with the Sentiment Stack Shadow Die II to see if I could stretch it’s use and come up with an interesting layout for the watercolored floral bouquet. The effect is a collection of horizontal strips that build the floral image when laid next to each other.

 Prep Work:
  • Die cut the ‘Happy’ sentiment from Simply Word Dies out of black card stock set 3 times. Layer and glue them together to create a sturdy ‘happy’ sentiment.
  • Grab an A2 size (4 1/4” x 5 1/2”) card base

    Get the look:

    • Using either your better press or foil system, print or foil Breezy Blossoms Impress-ion Press and Foil Plates on to a card stock that can handle water for watercoloring. I used Bristle Smooth.
    • There are 2 ways to approach watercoloring the piece. I went with option a) however if I was to do it again I think I would likely go with option b)
      • A) Position the Sentiment Stack Shadow Die II over the Breezy Blossoms foiled or better pressed floral in a way that you find pleasing. Die cut the floral with the Sentiment Stack Shadow Die II. In order to watercolor the piece you will need to use press ‘n seal or another type of low tack tape to hold the pieces together. Watercolor the horizontal strips like you would any other floral image.
      • OPTION B) Instead of die cutting the floral first, watercolour the image first and then die cut second.
    • Choose the sentiment “Celebrate and be” from the Simply Sentiment stamp set. (The Simply Sentiments Stamp and The Simply Words Die sets in combination create so many ways to express a sentiment). On the top/first horizontal strip of the Breezy Blossom stamp the sentiment.
    • Lay the strips of the floral image onto an A2 card base. To create interest, angle strips slightly or hang them off the edge of the card and raise some up with foam tape and adhere other strips flat to the card base. Using scissors trip the overhang.
    • Lastly attach the die cut “happy” sentiment over the lower strips.

    Hope you enjoyed learning a different way to layout your colored/watercolored images. Happy papercrafting : )

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