Ilina Crouse

Inspiration & HSN Design Teams.   

Hi, I am Ilina Crouse. I live in Atlanta, GA with my wonderful husband of 13 years and our 3 little monkeys:  Anna-6, Milena-5 and Jason-3.  As you can see I have my hands full. During the day I work as Electrical Engineer/Bid Manager for Siemens.  I know doesn’t sound fun at all, but it is (at least for me), as it involves creativity, but different kind of one.  Early in the morning (or lunch break or after work – depending on the weather ;)) I am a runner( I love long distance runs and it’s a way to burn off some stress everyday life brings) and at night I am crafter.

I have been making cards since I was a little child and still lived in Macedonia (South Eastern Europe) where supplies were limited so I had to get really creative.  I love simple and clean designs and I love to experiment with different techniques and coloring mediums.  I am honored (and excited beyond words) to join the LDRS Creative Design Team and I hope to inspire you with my creations.

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