Create a Wreath

Hello my fabulously creative friends!  Welcome back to another day of holiday inspiration as we count down to Christmas!  

Today, we are going to take a couple of the new spring stamp sets and turn them into a wreath!  Are you ready? Let's get started!

LDRS Creative Shopping List:

Hanging Out stamp

Love In Bloom stamps

Arctic Snowfall stamps

Raven Ink

Evergreen Ink

Happy Days die

Country Christmas paper

Stamping Mask Paper

To start, we need need to block in our basic shape... VERY lightly draw a circle on your card stock... If you aren't good at free handing a circle, don't worry, just find something the right size to trace. I'm using a baby food jar.   Be sure to keep your pencil lines as light as possible so they won't show though the stamped images later on. 

Next we need to prep our owl. I'm using the owl that is part of the larger Hanging Out stamp. To do this, we need to do some masking on the stamp. Use some clear tape to cover all of the stamp except the owl. 

 Ink up your stamp with Raven ink, then carefully remove all the tape. Once the tape is removed, stamp your owl so he is sitting on the bottom inside edge of your circle. If you want to know how I line up my rubber stamp for this, check out my blog for more details.

Now it's time to add a bit of color to your owl using your preferred coloring medium. The LDRS Creative hybrid inks are good for alcohol markers, watercolors, and pencils... just be sure that you use the correct paper for the medium you want to color in, and you're set!

Next up we need to mask the owl... Stamp the owl on the matte side of the Stamping Mask Paper, and cut out. Peel off the backing and stick the mask over your colored owl.

Now that the owl is protected, it's time to create the wreath.  Start by stamping one of the leafy branches from Love in Bloom around your penciled circle. 

Once you have your first layer, you can go around the wreath again staggering where you are stamping to help fill it in.

You can also use the second leafy branch to add in more fullness. 

Varying the angle you stamp at will help add a more random and realistic feel.

When you remove the mask, you will have something that looks something like this.

BONUS TIP:  I chose to use Evergreen ink for my wreath since I'm making a Christmas card.. however if you are already finished with Christmas, you could use the same technique to create a wreath for any season! A brighter green like Key Lime Pie would be fun for spring or summer... Lipstick Jungle would make an ADORABLE Valentine wreath... You get the idea!

Now it's time to decorate!  I layered my cardstock on some plaid cardstock from the Country Christmas, added a glitter paper bow using the Happy Days die, and some tiny red rhinestones as berries.

To finish off the card, I stamped this sentiment from Arctic Snowfall on a strip of white cardstock layered on more of the plaid cardstock. 

Now it's your turn!  If you give this technique a try (for Christmas, or any season) using LDRS Creative products, please share it with us in our Facebook Group! We LOVE seeing what you all make!

If you are looking for more inspiration, be sure to check us out on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest 

See you soon!



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