Inky Underwater Fish

Hi! It's Lynnea Hollendonner with an easy underwater card using the Whale Wishes stamp set from LDRS Creative! It's one of my favorites! The little images and sentiments are adorable! Today I used just a sentiment and the little school of fish and made a clean and simple card good for almost any occasion! 

Make sure you watch the video at the end of this post to see my technique in progress! I started with a 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 inch square piece of white cardstock and I drew a large cross in the center so that I would have equal quarters to assist my stamping. I used my stamp platform and lined up the school of fish image from the Whale Wishes stamp set so that the front and back fish were centered in one of quarters of my cardstock. I wanted to make sure that as I stamped the fish repeatedly they would be spaced equally. Once my image was lined up I stamped it with Raven Hybrid Ink, turned my cardstock once, and stamped again. I did this a total of four times so that I had little fishies swimming in a circle in the center of my cardstock. 

I used gray alcohol markers to color in each of the fish. I didn't pay attention to a light source - I just added shadows to the bottom of each fish. Once they were all colored I cut masks for each individual school of fish and masked off the fish so that I could blend ink over my card. I used dye inks that would react with water because I wanted to add some splashes of water to lift the ink and mimic bubbles. However, you could definitely skip the water and use the line of LDRS Creative Hybrid inks. I've blended with them multiple times and they blend like a dream! I blended the ink, flicked some water, and quickly removed the masks so that color wouldn't bleend through. 

I dried my panel completely with a heat tool and stamped the sentiment from the Whale Wishes stamp set with the LDRS Creative Watermark Ink Pad and embossed it with LDRS Creative White Embossing Powder. I trimmed an 1/8 of an inch of each side of the cardstock and added it to a 4 1/4 inch square card. I glued on some gems for shine and called this card complete! Here's the process video!



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