Jungle shaker card {video}

Hello my fabulously creative friends! Just wondering, but who else is LOVING the new Safari stamp set?!?! I know I am! Get your inks and masks ready, because today we are going to have fun in the jungle!

LDRS Creative shopping list...

Safari stamp/die set

Stamping Mask Paper

Evergreen hybrid ink

Coffee Bean hybrid ink

Dan-D-Lion hybrid inks

Woodland Foliage Frames die set

This project involves LOTS of masking!  Masking is such a fun and easy technique that can really add a whole new dimension to your projects!  The Stamping Mask Paper is on the thicker side, and can really hold up well to lots of use! I only used 3 leaf masks to make this card, and the ink never soaked through!

I wanted to a add a little extra special element to my shaker card, so I used a mini brad to hang the monkey from the vine...

This little monkey got some special attention in order to get the banana in his hand... Now, you could do some masking, but I opted to cut off his hand, add the banana, then add his hand back on.... This allowed me to change the angle of his hand slightly for a more natural grip.

As you will see in the video, I use a light purple color to shade my bananas... If you want to know why, check out my blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! If you were inspired by my project, and you use masking to create a project using LDRS Creative products, please share it with us in our Facebook Group! We love to see what you are making! 

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See you soon!


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  • Rosario Edinger

    Very cute shaker card!

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