Make it snow!

Hello my fabulously creative friends!

The new release has really put me in the mood for snow, so today I'm going to teach you a SUPER fun way to add dimension and sparkle to your snow filled cards!

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Holly Jolly Holidays

Hot Chocolate

Raven ink


Let's make it SNOW!

First you'll need 2 styrofoam balls... These are the hard crunchy kind that you find in craft stores both in the kid crafts and in the floral department. You'll also want something to collect your snow in. (I would also suggest covering your space with a big piece of newspaper or freezer paper for easier clean up)

Now we are going to rub the two balls together... they will act like sandpaper against each other and your will start seeing little flakes falling down!  

And now you have SNOW!  It really is that simple! You can grate up just a little, or do a big batch... which ever you prefer!

But what do we do with this snow??? Well, we use it to decorate our cards using the new LDRS Creative Hot Chocolate snowman stamp, of course!

Stamp your snowman and color using your favorite medium... The LDRS Hybrid inks work with alcohol markers, watercolors, and colored pencils... just be sure you choose the right paper for whichever you want to use.

Now we are going to use a strong liquid glue where ever you want the snow to be... Don't forget about falling snowflakes!

Dump on your snow on the wet glue.... 

Then gently shake off the extra... Now you just need to let the glue dry!

Want to know what else you can do with your snow? How about turning it into fall leaves (or spring flowers)... Check out my blog for details on that!

I hope this inspires you to jump into your winter cards! If you give this technique a try using LDRS Creative stamps, I'd love to see your creations! Just post it in the Facebook group! We love seeing what you guys make!

If you haven't shopped our newest release, be sure to check it out... It's AMAZING!

You'll find it HERE.

If you want more inspiration, you can find us on YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram! Be sure to follow us so you don't miss anything!

Happy snowflake making! 


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  • Denise Bryant

    Love this cute snowman! Great idea for the snow!

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