Marching penguin tutorial

Hello my fabulously creative friends! I don't know about you, but I'm realizing that I need to get serious about getting my holiday cards done.. It's already November! YIKES!  But not to worry... it's nothing some marching penguins can't fix!  

Yep, these penguins have some moves!  It's easy to create too! Let me show you how!

LDRS Creative  Shopping List:

Hot Chocolate stamp set

Raven hybrid ink

Swimming Hole hybrid ink

Snowy Day Border die

Tree Line Border die

Build-a-Card Pumpkin die

You will also need some tiny brads.

Step 1: Stamp your penguin 3 times with Raven ink. Color with your choice of mediums. They hybrid inks work well with watercolors, alcohol ink, and pencils! After coloring, cut them out (basic shape is super simple and it's not hard to fussy cut it).

Step 2: Create some hill masks using the Snowy Day Border die. You can use cardstock for this, but I like using acetate so I can see exactly where I'm placing them.

Step 3: Use an ink blending tool or sponge and the masks to create hills. Simply tap your blending foam on the ink pad to pick up some ink, then use a sweeping motion (starting on the mask and moving off the edge) to create a soft inked edge.

Do a few layers of this to create multiple hills. 

Step 4: Cut 3 strips of paper or acetate about 1/4 inch wide and punch a small hole in one end. 

Step 5: Figure out where you want your penguins, and use a pencil to mark a dot behind the head of each penguin.

Step 6: Poke a hole through each dot. (3 total)

Step 7: Use brads to attach each of your strips to the holes. These strips are your "penguin strips). Cut another strip of cardstock to attach the three penguin strips together near the bottom of the card. Use a pen to mark where each strip crosses the bottom strip. Punch  holes on the marks in both the penguin strips and the bottom strip. 

Step 8:  Attach the penguin strips to the bottom strip with brads. Trim off any extra from the penguin strips... leave the bottom strip long for now.

Step 9: Mark the movement... Push and pull the bottom strip.. You will find that after a certain distance it starts buckling the penguin strips... Push the bottom strip to the point right before it buckles and draw a line, then pull until you hit the same point goin the other direction and mark that... be sure to mark the movement for all 3 penguin strips.

Step 10: Take the penguin strips off the card (but leave them attached to the bottom strip). Use a craft knife to cut out the movement windows. I cut mine about 1/4 inch tall, and used the lines we just marked for the width.

Step 11: Place your bottom strip (with penguin strips still attached) behind your card panel. Thread the penguin strips from behind, through the movement windows and attach with brads.

Step 12: Attach your panel to a card base using foam tape. Be sure to leave enough room for all the moving parts to move freely.

Step 13: Attach the penguins to their strips using a little piece of foam tape.

Step 14: Create a decorative pull tab using the circle and fancy circle from the Build-a-Card Pumpkin die set and attach to the bottom strip. Trim off any extra.

Step 15: Finish your card off by die cutting an "icicle" border using the Tree Line Border die turned upside down.  Stamp some snowflakes and your sentiment. Add a little ink along the edge and some glitter glue. Attach using foam tape.

And you're done! 

Now it's your turn! If you give this technique a try using LDRS Creative products, please share it on our Facebook group so we can see! If you have any questions, that is also a GREAT place to ask!

If you are looking for more inspiration, be sure to check us out on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest!

See you soon!



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  • Carla Hundley

    How fun and a great
    technique. Looks so
    Carla from Utah

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