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Hello, this is Kassi. Welcome to the LDRS Creative blog. 

I love stamp sets that allow you to easily build your own scenes! I also love masking to create complex scenes... but I know some of you struggle with (or just plain hate) fussy cutting out all the masks and such... So today I want to talk about creating simple "no-fuss" scenes... 

LDRS Creative Shopping list:

You are so Tweet stamps

Alloy hybrid ink

Scalloped Border die

Daisy Delights 6x6 paper

Grab your stamps, inks, and markers, but leave those scissors behind and let's have fun creating a no-fuss scene!

I want to get a no-line look, so I'm working in Alloy ink... It's a great lighter gray color that is perfect for this.


Working with the You are so Tweet stamp set, the first thing we are going to stamp is this branch... except we aren't using it as a branch, rather as a post, so it will be vertical.

The next stamp we'll add to our scene is the house. This will be sitting right on the end of the branch/post. Because these are clear stamps, it's easy to line things up exactly where you want them!

Now, let's add a little bird on the roof... this one is a bit tricky since the bird's feet are not solid, but the roof is... line things up carefully, and do touch ups when you color (another reason for stamping in a light ink when you don't want to mask, is it allows you to use your coloring to "hide" tricky spots like this.

And finally, let's add a little bird flying home...

Because we are working with a light ink, the magic really happens in the next step...

Let's add color... I added in some grass at the bottom of the post to "ground" the image (give it something to sit on instead of floating in mid-air). The was done with simple flicks of a marker... I went right over top of the bottom of the post. 

If we take a closer look at this image again, you can see how I used my coloring to separate the feet from the roof. If you are doing this with black ink, be aware that lining up your stamps perfectly will be even more important. 

To finish off this simple card, I used several strips of patterned paper from Daisy Delights and the Scalloped Border die to add color to the card and help balance out the scene.

No fuss, easy peasy!

Now it's your turn! If you give this technique a try using LDRS Creative products, we'd love to see! Share with us in the FaceBook group! (the group is also a great place to ask questions!!)

If you are looking for more inspiration, be sure to check us out on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest

And check back here tomorrow for another incredible project! 

See you soon!


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