Rainbow Watercolor with Letterpress

Rainbow watercolor is an easy way to brighten up any card! See how easy it is to create a rainbow with just three colors! 

Rainbow Watercolor with Letterpress

Products Used - 

I started my card by watercoloring a rainbow wash onto an A2 Cotton Watercolor Panel. I used just three colors of watercolor - pink, yellow, and blue - and blended and overlapped them to create the remaining colors of the rainbow. I did three layers of color, drying between each layer. Once the panel was completely dry, I added some black ink spatters and pressed the Corner Meadow Impress-ion Press + Foil Plate into the corner with Raven Hybrid Ink.

Rainbow Watercolor with Letterpress
I finished the card with a die-cut sentiment from the Simply Word Dies and an additional sentiment strip from the Simply Sentiments 4x6 Stamps. That's it! Thanks for joining me!

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