[Video Tutorial] Monkey Card w/Hybrid Inks

Hello there! It's Erika with you today!
In the video process below I show you how create a simple card using the Hybrid Inks! 

To make the background of my card I used a gel plate, mixing my favorite Hybrid Inks.

I punched the leaves of the set Woodland Foliage Frames and I created a mask that I then imprinted on my white sheet.

I used the leaves to decorate the top of the card, along with the monkey of the Safari set, which I applied on the acetate.

I really like the effect that is created with colored leaves and white leaves in the background!

The products I used for this design are:

Hybrid Ink Raven 

Hybrid Ink Olive Branch 

Hybrid Ink In Your Face Orange 

Hybrid Ink Four Leaf 

Hybrid Ink Coffee Bean 

Safari clear stamp & die set 

Woodland Foliage Frames Die Set

In the video below you can see the process to create this card.  

 Do also check out the bundle Hybrid inks offer!

Hope you enjoyed it and happy crafting!

Erika Scrappika

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