Silver Bells Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates
Silver Bells Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates
Silver Bells Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates
Silver Bells Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates
Silver Bells Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates

Silver Bells Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates


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The two bells and pine sprig from the Silver Bells Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates can be combined to create stunning focal points for your projects. Add your favorite LDRS Creative Hybrid Ink and impress the image into LDRS Creative Watercolor Cardstock for the best results. Use these innovative new dies to impress your friends and family with an easier than ever letterpress technique! Each image has a separate cutting die that can be used to cut out your impressed image with a small border.

Bells measure approximately 1.75" x 1.5" 
Pine sprig measures approximately 2" x 1.25"

3 Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates
3 Cutting Dies

Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates can be used with most letterpress and hot foil craft platforms in combination with most standard die-cutting machines.

They are compatible with the BetterPress.

Not for use with standard platforms and plate configurations that are included/used with die-cutting craft machines. These dies are thicker than average wafer metal dies and may damage standard die-cutting machines if used with standard platforms and plate configurations.

LDRS Creative is not liable for damage caused to die-cutting machines, platforms and/or plates.

Wafer outline cutting dies can be used with most standard die-cutting craft machines, platforms and plates. Refer to each manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Use Impress-ion Press + Foil Plates with LDRS Creative Hybrid Inks and Cotton Watercolor Panels for crisp, deep pressed letterpress images.  Hybrid Inks are solvent ink, the best choice for letterpress, and will not feather on high quality Cotton Watercolor Panels.

To achieve professional letterpress results with the BetterPress:

1. Secure the Impress-ion Press Plate on the letterpress Chase ( magnetic platform to hold the press plate/die.
2. Tape the Card Panel onto the Platen (clear top plate with registration marks), aligning with registration marks.
3. Apply ink evenly to the Impress-ion Press Plate.
4. Create a letterpress sandwich by combining the inked Impress-ion Press Plate and Card Panel, then run it through the manual die-cutting machine for the final print.




BetterPress is a trademark of Spellbinders Paper Arts Co., LLC, registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Join Angie for a fun and colorful twist using the Silver Bells Impress-ion Letterpress Dies!

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I love my betterpress and the ldrs silver bells plate and die set is beautiful! X

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