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Good Morning Kathy here with loads of awesome supplies from the February Release.  If you haven't seen it yet I encourage you to hop over to the LDRS Creative Shop and grab a few.  These products will become a staple in your craft room.
Today's card features a number of our fabulous new products.  The Peony Layering Die set is gorgeous.  My grandmother always had peonies in her garden and it is a flower I could stare at forever.  The LDRS Creative layering dies are so easy to align.  If you're a new card maker you will love it.  The next products I am highlighting today are the Everyday Sayings Dies and the Everyday Sayings Toner Sheets.
Have you been on the fence about buying an expensive foiling machine?  Well, I have and when LDRS Creative introduced these new products I decided my laminator worked FINE!  Currently, we carry the Everyday Sayings Toner sheets, Special Occasions Toner sheets, Geometric Toner Toppers and some beautiful floral toppers.  The fantastic thing is that the Everyday Sayings Dies will cut out the sentiments from the toner sheets. Now it's time to get to the card!
For today's card I die-cut a lot of pieces. This peony has a total of 8 pieces just for the bloom!  That doesn't mean you have to use all of them, use as many or as few as you like.  I used 7 of the 8. The way that LDRS Creative has created this die makes layering them a breeze.  I have four blooms on this card so I cut each piece from a different pink 4 times.  It just takes a little organizing.  First pick out your colors, You can cut all the 7 pieces of the bloom and your leaf pieces on the same cutting plate.  Just repeat it for the number of blooms you need. The leaves were all cut from the same green card stock I just blended a little Prickly Pear Hybrid Ink over parts for some contrast. 
Once you have them all cut just adhere them per the instructions on the back of the packaging. Keep your pieces separate.  I used cupcake liners for each piece and set them up in the order I was going to adhere them. I like to add the layers one at a time. Then put an acrylic block on the layer and do the next one. Once you have used all of the same layer move on to the next.  Because they line up so easy this goes relatively quickly.  
Once all your blooms and leaves are glued together layout your die-cuts the way you want them on your card. I used a piece of card stock cut at 4.25" x 5.5" for a guide. I started with the blooms and tucked the leaves in between.  Once you have a cluster you like glue the pieces together and move on to the next cluster.  Take care not to glue them to the white guide.  Allow the blooms to go beyond the guide a little bit.  You will trim this off before adhering it to the pattern paper.
Now, select your patterned paper.  The One Fine Day Paper Pack is stunning.  It contains beautiful springtime patterns and also gold foiled patterns.  I selected a simple gold foiled pattern as I wanted the blooms to take center stage.  The patterned paper was cut to 4.25"x 5.5".  Place your clusters where you want them but don't hide all that beautiful patterned paper.  Glue your focal piece down with a strong liquid glue.
Next let's do the sentiment.  I plugged in my laminator.  You want it to heat up for at least 20 minutes.  I like to foil a bunch of sentiments at the same time.  I always need them and it is good to have them at the ready.  I chose Life Is Better With You.  Check out all the new toner sentiments below.
Fold a piece of parchment paper to use as a sleeve for the toner sheet.  Trim off the sentiments you want to foil.  Trim your Deco-Foil slightly larger than your sentiments. Place the Deco-Foil (and only this brand) over the sentiments with the shiny side facing UP.  Place it into your parchment sleeve.  Make sure to place the foil and sentiments up to the crease in the parchment sleeve.  This will go into your laminator first.  Don't push it just let the laminator grab it.  Once it is fed through the machine peel off your foil.  They are so beautiful!  DON'T throw away your unused foil.  LDRS Creative has solid toner sheets and you can place the unused portion on these for a different look.
Using the Everyday Sayings die-cut, cut out your sentiment.  I also cut a piece of vellum with the shadow die.  Glue the sentiment to the vellum.  I added foam adhesive to the back and added a few gems and the card was done.  I hope this card inspires you to check out these new products in the LDRS Creative shop.  As always, thanks for stopping by!  We appreciate all of you!

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  • cheryl

    This card is so beautiful! I’m in love with this die set. Thank you for sharing! 😍

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